Director of PlayStation-Exclusive The Tomorrow Children Trying to Obtain Rights to the IP From Sony

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Soviet Union-themed The Tomorrow Children was a short-lived affair. The game, which was developed by the now-disbanded Japan Studio, released in October 2016 and was officially shut down a year later. Now, director Dylan Cuthbert is trying to obtain rights to the IP from Sony in hopes of bringing it back to life.

Speaking to IGN Japan (via IGN US), Cuthbert said that it was server costs that eventually led to the demise of The Tomorrow Children, and if he manages to bring it back, he’ll think of a way to do it without servers involved.

“Unfortunately, right now the IP is Sony’s, really. So I’ll keep trying to get the IP back, and if I do get the IP back, then I’ll definitely think about ways to kind of relaunch it but without a server, I think, because it was the running costs of the server that brought it down,” Cuthbert said. “If it didn’t have that we probably just could have left it running and people could have kept playing it, right?”

Cuthbert added that he doesn’t like the idea of never being able to play a game he made again, and to this day, people ask him about The Tomorrow Children.

“I don’t like having a game I made missing, people can’t play it, especially one as pretty and interesting and rich as The Tomorrow Children – it just feels wrong to not be able to play it, you know” he continued. “It’s great being able to play it now like this, and come back into the world. The people around the office playing it now, they’re just like, ‘Oh we can play it again?’ It’s great fun, you know? We’re all excited to be able to just get this old build running like this.”

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[Source: IGN]

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