God of War Creator David Jaffe Thinks PlayStation’s Upcoming Announcements Will Blow Fans Away

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God of War creator and former Sony developer, David Jaffe, has said that upcoming announcements for PlayStation platforms are likely to blow players away.

In a recent video stream (via Video Games Chronicle), Jaffe said that PlayStation Studios will “be there with flying colors” at the showcase scheduled for Thursday, September 9th. He claims to know “a handful” of announcements, based upon which he thinks players won’t be disappointed.

“I’m not going to say what I know is going to be at the PlayStation showcase next week… but here’s what I can tell you,” Jaffe teased. “I’m not going to tell you what’s going to be there, and I don’t know everything, but I know a handful of things and you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for the traditional, great first-party PlayStation. That’s going to be there with flying colors and I’m so excited to see the people’s response to it. I haven’t even seen what I’m talking about, but I’m very proud and excited.”

In a separate tweet, Jaffe claimed that there’s one upcoming announcement that will make fans “lose their f****** minds,” but he’s unsure if that announcement is happening at this week’s PlayStation Showcase or not.

There go our hopes – all the way up!

[Source: VGC]

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