Call of Duty Vanguard Will Have an FOV Slider on Consoles, Which Means Warzone Could Too

PS4 & PS5

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Following today’s multiplayer reveal, Sledgehammer has confirmed that Call of Duty: Vanguard will have an FOV slider on consoles, and it’s likely that Warzone will too. This was confirmed via a screenshot on Twitter from Senior Development Director Adam Iscove, showing the option along with PlayStation button prompts on the menus. Sledgehammer’s Sam Leichtamer chimed in with a quote tweet saying “Yes, this is console.”

While this isn’t a new feature for the series—last year’s Black Ops Cold War featured an FOV slider on consoles—it bodes well for Warzone finally getting an FOV slider on consoles, a feature that console Warzone players have been demanding for a long time.

When Vanguard releases in November, Warzone will get a massive update shortly after, with a whole new map, anti-cheat, and updates to its engine. Currently running on the Modern Warfare 2019 engine (and actually still technically attached to that game’s executable on your console), it seems like Raven is working with the same updates to the engine to bring Warzone to parity with Vanguard. In fact, this parity is important to Warzone feeling more connected with Vanguard than it did with Black Ops Cold War. This could mean some big things for the popular free-to-play battle royale.

First would be the assumption that Warzone will get updated to either be standalone or tied to Vanguard (my guess would be tied to Vanguard, like MW 2019 before it). Either way, (though still unconfirmed at this point), this could mean that Warzone will get a proper native new-gen version. Honestly, it would seem like a massive missed opportunity not to port the game over and utilize the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for Warzone, rather than continuing to run a last-gen version via backwards compatibility.

One could also assume that the engine updates going into Vanguard will percolate over to Warzone as well, which could very well mean a Warzone FOV slider for console players. Again, this is unconfirmed at this time, but confirmation of a console FOV slider in Vanguard is a very good sign. We’ve reached out to Sledgehammer and Raven to inquire about additional details on the Warzone engine updates, next-gen version of the games, and if that does indeed mean console Warzone players will get an FOV slider.

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