PlayStation Studios Boss Insists That Sony’s Acquisitions Are ‘Selective’ and ‘Measured’

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PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst has reiterated that Sony’s acquisitions are part of an organic growth process as opposed to “scaling for the sake of becoming big.”

In an interview with Games Industry, Hulst was quizzed about the number of acquisitions in recent months, in response to which he pointed out that Sony had been closely working with all the studios involved. Contrary to popular belief, PlayStation Studios’ strategy isn’t driven by competitor activities.

Hulst added that he’s “very selective” about the studios he acquires and Sony’s approach is very “measured” in this regard.

“I don’t think we’re scaling for the sake of becoming big,” Hulst explained. “I want to be very selective. Our growth is measured in that sense. It is very quality-led and based on shared values and good relationships.”

Speaking of Firesprite, Hulst pointed out that he personally knows the studio’s leadership.

“I know the senior leadership team there personally,” he continued. “On the other, he has been able with the strong studio culture to attract such phenomenal talent of people who I don’t personally know, but I’m very excited to work with and to collaborate on these new, ambitious projects that we set-out a while ago. It’s the organic growth of people where together we can become better creators. That’s a really exciting thing: to nurture projects, talent and studios to the level that we all aspire to.”

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[Source: Games Industry]

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