Platinum Games says they really want to show Bayonetta 3 but it is up to Nintendo


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VGC has had a chat with Bayonetta series creator Hideki Kamiya about the long-running development of Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch platform. Kamiya told the publication that they really want to show the game to the public, but he admitted it is ultimately down to the publisher Nintendo, who will presumably show it as and when they feel it’s ready to be showcased. Bayonetta 3 is a big game for Nintendo and Platinum Games and as as the years have gone by it has become more and more apparent. Bayonetta 1 & Bayonetta 2 are available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

“As much as everyone is clamouring to see it, we are really, really waiting to release it too,” he said. “Everyone who is working on the project is of course very proud of what we’re doing and wants everyone to see what we’re doing.

“As much as fans are waiting for it, we are waiting for the day when we can show it. We want everyone to cheer us on as we run to the final stretch. We want to show it too!”

Bayonetta creator, Hideki Kamiya.


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