PlayStation Showcase: Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online PS5 Versions Delayed to March 2022

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Today’s PlayStation Showcase included a trailer for the PS5 versions of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. If you tuned out, you may have missed a small detail that was snuck into the end of this trailer: both titles have been delayed out of 2021, now set to release in March 2022. Still, it offers a fresh look at the new-gen updates for both titles, which are looking pretty good, considering Grand Theft Auto V first released on PS3 back in 2013.

It was first revealed that GTA V and GTA Online would be getting PS5 versions at the PS5 reveal showcase in June 2020. As the game continues making money hand over fist for Rockstar, this update will bring the game to its third generation of consoles, following its PS3-era launch, and subsequent port to the PS4. In fact, it wasn’t until January of this year that Grand Theft Auto V wasn’t a part of the best-seller charts for the month, the first time it had fallen off the charts since it released in 2013.

Earlier this year, Grand Theft Auto V PS5 was given a release date in November 2021, but as this trailer casually shows, that date has now been pushed out a few months. Presumably, PlayStation players will still get the previously announced bonuses in-game when it launches. Rockstar still hasn’t detailed the “new features” that GTA V PS5 will have, and this trailer once again just says “and much more,” as it lists new-gen features like updated visuals, faster loading times, and “enhanced gameplay.” Expect Rockstar to actually go into details closer to launch.

Rockstar is reportedly working on Grand Theft Auto VI, but the rumors now say the sequel isn’t coming until at least 2025 to avoid crunch at the studio.

We’ll continue to bring you additional announcements from the PlayStation Showcase, as well as a full roundup of everything announced.

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