‘Doom & Destiny Worlds’ Brings Farting Giants To Switch This October


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Heartbeat Interactive’s Doom & Destiny Worlds, an open-world, turn-based RPG that sees players build, farm and craft in up to four player local co-op, will release on Switch on 1st October. If that title seems familiar to you, you might be thinking of Doom & Destiny or Doom & Destiny Advanced, both previous titles in the series. Or maybe you’ve got DOOM or Destiny on the brain, two totally unrelated but rather successful video games you’ll definitely have heard of.

As you can see from the trailer above, D&DW features some 60 hand-crafted islands with players assuming the roles of amnesiac-afflicted adventurers stranded on an unknown planet. Cue working together to gather up resources, customise your party and work towards unravelling the mystery of Doom & Destiny’s three worlds.

There’s a dynamic crafting system in play that enables adventurers to make custom weapons, armour, drinks and explosives, and the cast of enemies you’ll encounter certainly looks colourful — you’ll be fending off the attentions of cosplaying goblins, cursed genies and giants with gas issues, for instance, which should give you a good idea of the tone of the series.

The official press release goes into a little more detail:

Defeat enemies to level up your party and unlock Feats and increase your Abilities to equip awesome weapons and create unique Classes to suit your playstyle.

In Doom & Destiny Worlds, turn-based battles take place in real-time. While you fight, enemies can join the fray as reinforcements adding extra layers of challenge!

Doom and Destiny Worlds has been available on Steam since back in September of 2020, where it’s currently sat on a Positive user rating, so this one could well be worth keeping an eye on when it releases on Switch in just a couple of weeks time.

Will you be jumping in to unravel the mysteries of Doom & Destiny Worlds? Let us know in the comments.

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