Neo: The World Ends With You comes to you on PC next week


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Following its debut on PlayStation 4 and Switch in July, Square Enix plan to bring Neo: The World Ends With You over to PC on the 28th of September. That’s next Tuesday, day dudes. It’s the sequel to an RPG from the Nintendo DS in 2007, set inside a colourful and weird version of Tokyo where young’uns get drawn into a deadly game.

The World Ends With You is set in the Tokyo district of Shibuya, kinda, but a bit wonked because we’ve been sucked into the supernatural Reapers’ Game. So sure, we’ll spend time exploring the area, eating fancy dinners with our pals, shopping for clothes, and becoming friends with folks. And then you engage in violence, beating up baddies and monsters to try and win the game and survive.

Neo: The World Ends With You is coming via the Epic Games Store on the 28th of September, priced at £50. Yeah, it’s one of those Squeenix games which skips Steam (presumably until an exclusivity deal expires?).

I know the first game was a bit of a cult classic on Nintendo DS, but haven’t heard much about this sequel. I do see now that the delightful Christian Donlan, of our corporate sibling European Gamer, did call it “a charmer of a sequel”. If you pounced as soon as it hit consoles, what say you, reader dear?

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