Rumor: Quantic Dream Star Wars Game Reportedly More Action-Focused Than Previous Titles

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Following recent rumors that Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human studio Quantic Dream is currently working on a Star Wars game, new sources have claimed that the upcoming title is more action-oriented than the studio’s past titles. Additionally, the source claims that the game may even feature some open-world and adventure elements which, if true, mark a significant departure from Quantic Dream’s usual formula of game progression.

Just a few days ago, industry insider Tom Henderson teased that the French studio was working on a Star Wars game, though not much else was mentioned. Before that, French YouTuber “Gautoz” had leaked the project, similarly mentioning that Quantic Dream had “finished their contract with Sony and [was] signing with Disney.” Henderson also revealed that the studio had already been working on the rumored Star Wars title for “around 18 months.”

Similarly, another separate source speaking to Kotaku states that the studio has been developing the game for “approximately a year and a half.” More importantly, they revealed that the game “won’t be the conventional type of quick-time-event-driven game” that has defined some of Quantic Dream’s biggest hits. Rather, the game will feature traditional action gameplay and “possibly even open world and multiplayer elements.” Whether or not the game will still feature QTEs and decision-based branching storylines like Detroit or Heavy Rain is currently unconfirmed.

This lines up with previous statements from Quantic Dream, which stated back in 2019 that fans can “expect to see different genres by Quantic Dream in the future.” Notably, Lucasfilm Games also announced that it was open to pitches from other game studios after its exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts ended. Coupled with the recent Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake announcement and the fact that EA and BioWare are not involved in its development, it looks as though Lucasfilm Games is willing to give new studios a shot at the multi-decade franchise.

[Source: Kotaku]

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