Rainbow Six Siege brings back Showdown event


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The developers of Rainbow Six Siege at Ubisoft have made quite a few special events over time. And one of the most popular was the Showdown event which is back for 2021. 

The Wild West-themed shootout mode features operators from the game in two teams. While Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular first person shooter competitive games out there. It does get a bit tedious at times with albeit a while roster of larger-than-life characters chasing each other through hallways. Hence these new modes are a good way to cut loose from the formula and do something else in the game.

This limited-time mode unlike some of the other event modes offers an entirely new map that has a unique visual style. Those that have been waiting for the Rainbow Six Extraction game to release this could be a good way to spend the time before that launches. 

Rainbow Six Siege Showdown event: Details

If you ever wanted to be a Cowboy on Rainbow Six Siege this new mode which is available from September 21 to September 28 is when you get to experience it. Showdown has only a limited number of Operators available, with five chosen to represent “The Law” as attackers, while five are chosen to be the Graveltop Gang as defenders.

Besides the limited number of Operators to choose from, the weapons that are available to the players have also been limited to BOSG.12.2 and the LFP586. There is also a limited collection of throwables and gadgets available as well. And we also have to mention that none of the operators can use their primary gadgets or abilities in this mode as well.

The job of the attackers is to locate a room and hold their position for ten seconds in order to capture it, while Defenders have to keep and keep them out. The Showdown event takes place on a unique map called Fort Truth.

The Operators on the side of “The Law” includes Ash, Twitch, Glaz, Capitão, and Maverick. While the defenders or the “Graveltop Gang” consists of Rook, Caveira, Alibi, Maestro, and Kaid. 

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