Video: We’ve Actually Played Metroid Dread, Does It Meet Our Expectations?


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That’s right, we’ve finally managed to get our mitts on Metroid Dread (temporarily); Nintendo UK were kind enough to invite us down for a good old fashioned preview in their showroom so we could have a go on it using one of those swanky new Switch OLED Model consoles to boot.

Our expectations were high, but hoo lordy we were still majorly impressed. We got around 90-100 minutes of playtime before having the console metaphorically slapped from our hands as we’d done all we were allowed to do, and we loved every bleeding second of it.

Make sure you check out the video above for a far more substantial rundown of our time with the game, and let us know if you’re still frothing at the nose for Metroid V by leaving a comment in the usual location.

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