Bloomberg: “at least 11 companies have tools from Nintendo to make 4K Switch games”


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Rumors of a Switch model that had 4K resolution graphics had been very easy to find earlier in the year. However, those rumors quickly dried up when the Nintendo Switch OLED model was eventually revealed. That said, even though the OLED model has been announced, you may not want to put those Switch 4K rumors to rest just yet.

Bloomberg is reporting that “employees at 11 game companies said their teams were in possession of Nintendo’s 4K development kit for the Switch. The companies span the globe, ranging from large publishers to small studios and include at least one that has never made a console game before, Zynga Inc., according to the employees, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to discuss their projects publicly”. Not only that, but according to Bloomberg, these companies have had the 4K developer kits since July.

In fact, Bloomberg found out that “a system capable of handling 4K games isn’t expected to be released until late next year at the earliest, people familiar with the plans said”. And, according to their sources, the reason why 4K capability hasn’t happened yet is because of “component shortages, a far-reaching problem born out of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

And as for Nintendo’s response, Bloomberg revealed that “Nintendo responded to a list of questions by saying Bloomberg’s reporting is ‘inaccurate’ and declined to specify which parts of the information it was referring to”. So, it seems that a Switch model that can handle games in 4K could still happen after all.


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