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Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Xbox

If you have already pre-ordered *deep breath* the Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Digital Deluxe Edition on Xbox then good news, it is available to play right now! If you were waiting for a release before purchasing, then good news as the *another deep breath* Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Digital Deluxe Edition is available to download this very second on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Banana Mania builds upon 2019’s Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD by bringing another classic Monkey Ball game into the HD era. This time around it is 2005’s Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, itself a compilation of Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 plus a whole load of extra content. All you really need to know is, it’s an absolute boat load of Super Monkey Ball goodness.

With a name like Super Monkey Ball, it is as bananas as you would expect. You must guide your monkey-in-a-ball from one end of the level to the other by tilting the level and letting physics do the rest.

Banana Mania contains over 300 levels with which to perfect your monkey ball rolling, along with 12 of the most comprehensive minigames ever committed to monkeys. Coming from RGG Studio however – those of Yakuza and Judgment fame – how in-depth they are shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

Speaking of Yakuza, Kiryu-chan himself is now available as a playable character in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania. He is joined by Beat from Jet Set Radio and Sonic and Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog. Additional characters from Persona 5 and Monster Rancher will be available to download at a later date too.

This isn’t a simple updated version though, as this Deluxe Edition will testify. Available from the Xbox Store now, the Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Deluxe Edition costs £44.99. For this, you get the base game, the Classic Character Pack, the SEGA Legends Pack, Customization Pack, Classic Soundtrack, Golden Banana Mode and Bonus Cosmetic Pack. If all these extras aren’t for you, the regular version of Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania will cost £34.99 and will be playable on the 5th October.

Stay tuned as we will have a review coming very soon that will feature a comprehensive review on the greatest minigame of all-time, Monkey Target. Let us know in the comments what your favourite Monkey Ball minigame is!

Game description

 Roll through wondrous worlds with AiAi and friends as you race to stop monkey mad scientist Dr. Bad-Boon from blowing up Jungle Island! Join the all-star monkey team of AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon, Baby, YanYan and Doctor as you bounce, tilt, and roll your way across hundreds of delightfully crafted levels and mazes. It’s monkey business for the gang as you take down Dr. Bad-Boon and steal back your beloved bananas! Features: • The ultimate Super Monkey Ball Experience – More than 300 stages from Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. • Go Bananas with 12 fun minigames including Monkey Racing, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Baseball and much more! • Challenge your friends as you compete for top banana on the online leaderboards! • Immerse yourself in the Super Monkey Ball world with creative comic book-style story telling in Story Mode. • Want to be the coolest monkey on the block? Customize your character and Super Monkey Ball to make it your own! Super Monkey Ball Banana Digital Deluxe Edition includes: 4 Day Early Access (10/1/2021), Classic Character Pack, Golden Banana Mode, SEGA Legends Pack, Classic Soundtrack and Customization Pack

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