Ubisoft Reveals First Year of Post Launch Content for Riders Republic

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Ubisoft has revealed the Riders Republic Year 1 post launch content roadmap. As well as the previously announced Exotic Kits and BMX sports add-on, there will be four seasons of events and special activities that will give limited time-rewards like skins.

The first of the four seasons, called the Grand Opening Pre-Season, will begin on day one. Multiplayer modes on offer during this season will include Mass Races, Trick Battles, and weekly events that will lead to exclusive rewards like the wingsuit that features a pair of bermuda shorts and wings that look like a paper plane. Year 1 Pass owners will get the Rocket Bike and Rocket Skis Exotic Kits.

Season One introduces the Winter Bash. The first Riders Republic limited-time events begin during this season, including special multiplayer experiences and other activities. As well as Exotic Kits, Year 1 Pass owners will get an exclusive Cosmetic Bundle that includes a very fetching giraffe outfit.

Showdown Time is the theme for Season Two, the main feature being the introduction of the new Showdown mode. This pits two teams of six players against each other in arenas where the aim is to collect more gems than the other team. Don’t forget to bank them, though! Year 1 Pass owners will get more Exotic Kits, exclusive skins, and “other content.”

The third and final season for the first year is the BMX season. The BMX Sport DLC will add a new sport complete with new playgrounds and events. Year 1 Pass owners get exclusive access to the BMX career that includes new sponsors and events, as well as another cosmetic bundle.

The Year 1 Pass is included in the Gold and Ultimate Editions of Riders Republic. The Ultimate Edition also gives players 20 helicopter tickets and four exclusive cosmetic packs: Cosmic, Rainbow, Neon and Skull’n Style. Regardless of which version players may choose to preorder, all include the Bunny Pack as a preorder bonus. Riders Republic launches on October 28.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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