Video: Here’s How To Change The Screen Settings On Your Nintendo Switch OLED


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You’ve just got your Nintendo Switch OLED model, but the screen is not quite what you expected it to be? Don’t worry, Nintendo Life’s American-based video producer, Zion Grassl, has got a fix!

Be warned – by changing your screen brightness settings on this new OLED model, you do potentially run the risk of burn-in.

With that out of the way, here are some ways you can improve the brightness of the screen:

> Hold down the HOME Menu, adjust the brightness and turn off the ‘Auto-Brightness’ setting.

“Please turn up your brightness with caution, maybe it’s best to just leave the auto-brightness on, but if you want more brightness out of your screen, you can turn it up this way – just be cautious”

Alternatively, you can follow the next lot of steps:

> On the HOME Menu, go down to the ‘System Settings’ icon, scroll down to ‘System’, scroll down to ‘Console-Screen Colors’ within this menu, and swap from ‘Vivid’ to ‘Standard’.

“You’ll notice that the screen looks a lot more normal, a bit more softer on the eyes…depending on the game that you’re playing, you may want to change it back to vivid.”

Again, do all of this at your own risk – but hopefully, these extra options can make your own time with the new Switch OLED model a bit more comfortable.

Let us know if this helped you out in the comments below.

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