New Monark trailer from NIS America


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NIS America has released a new trailer for their dark JRPG Monark which fans of the Persona and Shin Megamin Tensei franchise should lap up. The game, which takes place in Shin Makado Academy, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and other systems on 22nd February here in the west. Staff behind the game include former members who worked on the beloved Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei series. You can pre-order Monark right now.

“You suddenly awaken in Shin Mikado Academy. Before you is a barrier separating the campus from the rest of the outside world. Within the academy grounds are the madness-inducing Mist, cryptic phone calls that connect to the Otherworld, and seven Pactbearers–each with their own Daemonic Authority ruled by their Egos. To defy the irrationality surrounding you, you acquire the Authority of Vanity, a Daemonic power that subsists off of your Ego and madness.”


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