Is Steam Better Than the Epic Games Store? We Let Science Decide!


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Epic Games Store versus Steam, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, Fortnite or Apex Legends? The entertainment industry is nothing if not filled with passionate fans rallying behind the things they love. The only issue is that nothing ever gets settled. Fans are so passionate about the things they love that the debates rage on without ever declaring a true winner. So we at IGN decided to settle the industries biggest arguments the only way we knew how. By creating very weird teams to fight on the battlefield in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Is it accurate? Maybe. Is it fair? Probably not. Will this end all gaming debates? Heavens no. But it’s SCIENCE, and you can’t argue with science!

We Broke Totally Accurate Battle Simulator So Badly That God Had to Intervene:

The Perverted Beauty of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’s Super Slo-mo Button:

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