Riders Republic Trial Week Gives Players a Chance to Win a Copy of the Game or a Canyon Bike

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Ubisoft is holding a trial week for Riders Republic beginning on October 21. Players will have a limited amount of time to play Riders Republic during that period and those who do well in the trial’s Mass Race event will get a chance to win a Canyon bike or a Gold Edition of the game.

The trial week will take place between 9am CEST on October 21 and 9am CEST on October 27. During this period, players will have access to the entire game but will only be able to play it for a total period of four hours. Any progress made during those four hours will be carried over to the full game when it releases, including stars, gear and outfits.

During the Riders Republic trial week, Ubisoft is holding the Trial Week Mad Challenge event. To access the challenge, players need to complete the tutorial phase and accumulate a total of 20 stars. At this point, the challenge becomes available at the Shackdaddies Bandits Booth in Riders Ridge. The challenge is called “Mad Challenge – Exclusive Multiplayer Contest” and tasks players with placing in the top ten during a Mass Race. A Mass Race lasts for three rounds and those that manage to complete the challenge will receive a notification on their screen.

To be eligible for the competition, players need to sign up at Riders Republic‘s official website as well as completing the challenge. Those who have placed top ten in a Mass Race will be entered into a sweepstakes. The first person drawn from the sweepstakes will win a custom-made “Riders Republic x Canyon” mountain bike and a Gold Edition of the game. The next 99 players to be drawn out of the pool will each win the Riders Republic Gold Edition.

The challenge is the first of many events Ubisoft has lined up for Riders Republic once it releases on October 28. This content includes Exotic Kits, limited-time events, “special multiplayer experiences,” more multiplayer modes, and the BMX add-on. Those who purchase the Riders Republic Year 1 Pass will get exclusive content throughout the year.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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