WD’s insanely big 14TB HDD is down to £222, almost £90 off


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Western Digital’s 14TB Elements external hard drive is one of the largest you can buy, making it ideal for backing up entire computers, storing massive media libraries and generally being a massive data hoarder. It normally retails for around £300, but today it’s dropped down to £222, an £89 discount below RRP.

If we type those numbers into the big computer here, it gives me a result of 1.6p per gigabyte. That’s pretty good – I’ve seen slightly better values before, but it’s rare to see it on a drive of this size. I won’t go into the full spiel now, but for anyone that remembers the indignity of filling an entire drive with a single game install, way back in the prehistoric era of Windows 98 computer gaming, this is a frankly inconceivable amount of storage.

WD are generally a good choice in the external hard drive stakes, and many of their Elements drives include NAS-quality 3.5-inch drives which can be removed (‘shucked’) and used inside in a desktop PC if you prefer. Looking online, this particular model can come with different drives, but most are WD Red 7200RPM drives – so performance should be excellent, at least for spinning rust.

If we look online for similarly-sized drives, the discounted WD Elements model we’ve highlighted here is one of a kind. Most options cost between £250 and £350, whether you’re looking at the likes of Toshiba, WD or Seagate. You can get a 16TB model instead for £279, but it costs slightly more per gigabyte.

I hope you found this HDD deal useful, and if you’re looking for something a little faster – OK, a lot faster! – then check out these discounted WD SN850 PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

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