State of Play – Little Devil Inside Previews the World Map and Unexpected Encounters on Billy’s Journey

PS4 & PS5

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Nearly five minutes of Little Devil Inside gameplay were shown during Sony’s latest State of Play presentation, focusing on the world map, travelling between missions, and the unexpected encounters and challenges Billy will come across as he tries to collect artifacts for the professor.

The world map is a “dynamic, miniature-like representation of the world with tilt-shift effect.” Characters and vehicles are represented by little figures that move in real time. While in world view, there will be encounters and challenges along the way. Some can be handled while in world view, like moving a flock of sheep blocking the road. For others players can zoom back in to a “real-time gameplay level” where they can have perhaps buy goods or ask for directions from a roadside stall.

Despite being an action-adventure RPG with survival elements, developer Neostream Interactive has always insisted their game is “not about how long you can survive in a certain environment” but rather more “taking a trip for a mission, and surviving during the process.” The preview of the world map reinforced this ideal, displaying a lack of fast travel in favor of several different modes of transport. The train is the quickest way of moving across the map but there will also be other vehicles like cars. Maybe you fancy taking a trip up a snowy mountain with a reluctant mule? There’s also walking, of course, and while this is the slowest method of transport, it’s also the one that’ll get Billy into the most far flung places.

The Little Devil Inside gameplay preview also gave a quick look of some of the survival mechanics, like fishing, finding a place to camp, and cooking food. There was also the briefest of glimpses at some of the world’s fantastical enemies, although players got a better glimpse at some of those in the game’s announcement trailer last year. Some of their designs had drawn criticism for racial stereotyping, but the developer promised to fix this and there was no evidence of these enemies in the latest trailer. We’ll see for ourselves when Little Devil Inside is released on PS4 and PS5 at some point next year.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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