Naughty Dog Celebrates Uncharted 3’s 10th Anniversary by Discussing the Origin of the Cargo Plane Sequence

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Believe it or not, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has turned 10. Time flies, but memories remain. In order to celebrate the game turning a decade old, Naughty Dog has penned a lengthy blog post reminiscing about Uncharted 3‘s development and revealing the origin of the famous cargo plane sequence.

Game Director Kurt Margenau said that the sequence was born out of an off-the-cuff idea. The development team was apparently wondering “‘What if you could chase down a plane on the tarmac and board it,’ which turned into, ‘Ok, what if the plane crashed while you were in it?,’ and then figuring out how that could even work and be playable.”

Margenau believes that Naughty Dog was coming up with “wild ass blockbuster ideas” after Uncharted 2: Among Thieves‘ massive success. Everyone was excited about the sequence, but it ended up being extremely time consuming, and took up the “bulk” of production time.

“It was truly a collaborative effort with animators, programmers, sound designers, and anyone else who cared to contribute,” Margenau recalled.

Elsewhere in the blog, Vice President Christian Gyrling revealed that the team discovered a critical bug ahead of release, which Naughty Dog somehow managed to fix just two days before the title shipped. According to President Evan Wells, the studio learned its lesson and realized that announcing release dates early on is not a good idea.

Our reveal trailer included our release date and sticking to that was extraordinarily difficult,” Wells added. “We had to pull most of the (already very limited) resources from early development on The Last of Us, and it was still a challenging development process for us.”

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[Source: Naughty Dog]

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