Time-limited DC Super Heroes Racing Season DLC out now for Hot Wheels Unleashed

Xbox One

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Hot Wheels Unleashed DC Super Heroes Racing Season Xbox

If Hot Wheels Unleashed was a physical game, many players would now need extra storage for the sheer number of miniature cars they had in their possession. It is a good job then that it isn’t, as here comes a load more new gear in the form of the DC Super Heroes Racing Season DLC for Hot Wheels Unleashed on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

This new DLC ties in with the latest in-game season for Hot Wheels Unleashed as the likes of Aquaman, Shazam, The Flash, Cyborg, Nightwing and Supergirl are introduced in car form. Though, if The Flash doesn’t win every single race, we are demanding a refund!

This new DLC grants access to all the premium content in DC Super Heroes Racing Season, and immediate access to Nightwing. For the remaining cars, test yourself in a series of challenges that will run until 14th June 2022.

As well as six new cars, there are 15 other new items to unlock. The 21 total premium items are:

  • 6 vehicles: Nightwing™, Aquaman™, Cyborg™, Supergirl™, The Flash™, Shazam™
  • 12 elements for your Basement: 3 walls, 2 floors, 2 doors, 2 decorations, 2 posters, 1 set of 4 posters
  • 3 elements for your Unleashed Profile: 1 icon, 1 tag, 1 background

It is worth also noting that this DLC is not included in any of the previous Hot Wheels Unleashed Season Passes, nor will it feature in the upcoming third one. It works similar to the SpongeBob Racing Season instead.

And, depending on which console generation you are playing depends on which link you should use. Both versions of the DLC will cost you £4.99 on the Xbox Store: For Xbox Series X|S use this link, and for Xbox One click here.

Do you have any ideas for further racing seasons for Hot Wheels Unleashed? Let us know in the comments below.

Game description

This season will be playable until: 14 June 2022. The HOT WHEELS™ – DC Super Heroes Racing Season will be available for purchase until: CET: 09 June 2022 at 6pm ET: 09 June 2022 at 12pm PT: 09 June 2022 at 9am Clear the way (and space in your collection) for the DC Comics heroes and their super vehicles! With HOT WHEELS™ – DC Super Heroes Racing Season start a new season that promises to be… super fun! This DLC lets you unlock all the season’s premium items and to immediately add Nightwing™ to your collection! To get the other exclusive super vehicles, prove your strength in the various challenges and you’ll get to know the oceanic energy of Aquaman™, the technological heart of Cyborg™, the power of Supergirl™, the speed of The Flash™ and the force of Shazam™! And then customise your Unleashed Profile and your Basement with 15 new unlockable elements! This is what you call a Super DLC!

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