Borderlands and booze partner for an official Mad Moxxi Ballantine’s Whiskey


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The worlds of Borderlands and boozing are set to collide in an unexpected new tie-in between the Borderlands series and Ballantine’s Whiskey.

As part of the tie-up, Borderlands owner Gearbox is partnering with alcohol manufacturer Pernod Richard on what the two companies are calling a “long-term partnership” which will see the two brands entwined.

The partnership was introduced with a new video featuring Borderlands series regular Moxxi – and Claptrap, of course. It also functions as a responsible drinking PSA, which is a nice touch.

One element of the partnership sees bar-owning Borderlands character Mad Moxxi put into the role of “Chief Galactic Expansion Officer” at the company. Another, which actually has more meaning, will be the release of a limited edition Ballentine’s Whiskey known as the “Moxxi’s Bar Edition”, which comes in an appropriately purple bottle adorned with all the Borderlands iconography you’d expect.

The bottles aren’t just a limited-run promotional thing for influencers, but actually a real product that’ll be out there at some point in the future. Gamers who pick up a bottle won’t just get some of Ballentine’s blended scotch, but also some sort of content unlock for Borderlands 3. More info will be forthcoming via Moxxi’s new twitter account in due course.

This latest partnership just seems to be another piece of the continued expansion of the Borderlands franchise. There’s a movie on the way – which will feature a different plot to the games – and spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands just released last month.

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