Random: This “Vibe Check” Of Splatoon 2’s Characters Is A Map Of Memes And In-Jokes


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Following on from the news that the Octo Expansion DLC for Splatoon 2 is now available for free as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, Nintendo has issued a “vibe check” to fill players in on the relationships, grudges, crushes, and, er, edibility (?) of all of the game’s characters. Look, it’s best if you just take a peep for yourself:

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Open in a new tab to read all the tiny text! Don’t blame us, blame Nintendo

So, now we know that Callie and Marie miss each other, Craymond is a “weird little dude”, and Jelfonso thinks you’re a peasant. Will that make you better at Splatoon 2? No, probably not. But at least you won’t commit any social faux-pas when you’re invited to the next Squid Ball, which is far more important.

Does this count as Crab News? Even though it’s a Friday??? Let us know which “vibe” matches your own in the comments!

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