The Cycle: Frontier’s first season is here, but there won’t be a wipe


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Yager has officially kicked off Season One of The Cycle: Frontier, the studio’s free-to-play extraction royale shooter. The new season arrived earlier today, following two-and-a-half hours of maintenance.

The downtime was necessary to deploy patch 1.2.0, the game’s latest. But that’s not all; as promised, the game’s first battle pass has also arrived.

As with most other live service games, The Cycle: Frontier’s Fortuna Pass is made up of free and premium tiers. You earn progress by simply playing the game. If you’d like to unlock some special character and weapon skins, you can purchase the pass for 950 Aurum (~$10).

Outside of all the cosmetics included the pass, you’ll also earn XP boosters, Salvage Tokens, and even the paid currency, Aurum.

The game’s pre-season kicked off earlier this month. Other than some updates, balance tweaks and such, players’ inventories will not be wiped with the start of Season One. Universal inventory wipes are part of the game, however, but the first likely won’t arrive until the end of the season.

To celebrate the new season, you’ll be able to earn Twitch Drops by watching streamers play The Cycle: Frontier. This all kicks off tomorrow, June 23 and runs all the way until July 4. There are certain restrictions as far as which streams will offer drops, and it’s all outlined on the official blog.

The Cycle: Frontier is a sci-fi take on Escape from Tarkov, with a tonne of quality of life features to make it accessible compared to the punshing and obtuse Russian shooter. It’s also free, and you can try it out yourself on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

If this is your first time hearing about Frontier specifically, you might think The Cycle name sounds familiar. That’s because Yager worked on a shooter with the same name that actually shared many of Frontier’s mechanics. Though the game was successful, it wasn’t enough to support the team, so the developer made a decision to pivot.

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