Alien: Isolation Developer’s Sci-Fi FPS is Called Hyenas, Coming to PS5 and PS4

PS4 & PS5

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Creative Assembly, the developer behind games like Alien: Isolation and the Total War franchise, has finally announced a multiplayer sci-fi FPS called Hyenas that will be coming to PS5 and PS4 as well as Xbox and PC. The futuristic shooter takes place in a universe where the rich are living an opulent life and those less fortunate are trying to rob them blind.

Hyenas, a Sci-fi FPS set around Mars

In the world of multiplayer sci-fi FPS Hyenas, Earth has been destroyed. Those with plenty of affluent cash have managed to colonize Mars. Those without that cash have found themselves “living their worst life” in a giant slum called The Taint that’s orbiting the planet. Relics of their previous life on Earth are precious to the Mars billionaires, such as a Rubik’s cube, a stuffed teddy bear, or even a Sonic The Hedgehog keychain. These relics are sold from Plunderships at extremely high prices, but this makes them a lucrative target.

Players join a pack of robbers called the Hyenas who spend their time relieving the rich of their relics and destroying the security measures that get in their way. The catch is there will be rival teams trying to steal the relics at the same time, leading to zero-g combat against AI and other players. Each robber appears to have unique skills and abilities that will help their team to grab the loot. Once a team has stolen enough loot, they can make their escape.

A closed alpha is about to take place on PC, but those interested in taking part in the first alpha will need to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before they can join in. Players can sign up on the Hyenas website to take part in future trials on both PC and consoles like PS5 and PS4, although they will need a Creative Assembly account too.

In other news, PS Plus has finally launched in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and we have a full list of games included in the membership. Elsewhere, Gotham Knights features the biggest version of Gotham ever found in a game.

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