How To Lie PS5 Flat Without It Sliding and Wobbling

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Knowing how to lie the PS5 flat without it moving around is great for users who keep the system in a TV cabinet or high on a desktop where an unstable console can put itself and other objects at risk. For consoles, horizontal used to be the most stable position, but that has changed with the PS5 and its challenging stand. Thankfully, there are some tricks to lying the PS5 flat without it sliding and wobbling.

How to lie the PS5 flat without it moving around

To lie the PS5 flat without it moving around, users should:

  • Make sure the stand is attached as securely as possible.
    • The prongs of the stand should fit into the two square icons seen on the back of the console.
    • The symbols indicating where the stand goes are found just below the rear USB ports.
  • If placing the PS5 onto a TV cabinet shelf, be mindful of only pushing it into place and not pulling it.
    • Pulling the console forward while on its stand can cause it to slide off.
  • Double-sided tape can be used for additional grip.
    • While the stand should be able to keep the PS5 in place, adding tape can keep the stand in a much more permanent place.
    • Using tape is a good solution for those who aren’t going to be changing the stand into the vertical position.

By implementing the above tips, users shouldn’t have to worry about a wobbly PS5 or it sliding around.

Hopefully the next iteration of the stand can be easier to use and generally more effective.

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