Star Guardians event details revealed across all Riot Games titles


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A detailed breakdown of the Riot Games Star Guardian event has been released today, showcasing a vast collection of in-game events and cosmetic rewards across League of Legends, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics. The event, launching July 14, also comes with a new event anthem “Everything Goes On” by Porter Robinson.

There’s also an exclusive merch line going live alongside this event, which lets you flex your love of everything Star Guardians, if that’s your sort of thing. And there’s another entry into the Riot Games ‘Sessions’ music series – containing new tracks that are all safe to stream without threat of DMCA claims.

If we had magical powers, we’d magic up some more Project L details.

Starting with League of Legends – the enormous Riot Games MOBA – twelve new Star Guardian skins are on the way, as well as a new in-game event, a new champion, and a fresh event pass for Teamfight Tactics and Summoners Rift players to progress through. In terms of new gameplay experience, you’ve got the Ultimate Spellbook game mode returning. This has you replace a summoner spell with one of three random ultimate abilities.

This in-game event is titled “Another Sky” – and follows the adventures of several Star Guardian champions as they strengthen their bonds between each other. Completing new missions linked with the event will unlock more stories and rewards.

If you’re a Wild Rift player, you’ve got your own version of the in-client Star Guardians experience, as well as a new event pass to work through. You can also expect to see new Star Guardians on the way to mobile too – including Star Guardian Orianna, Seraphine, Ahri, Senna, Xayah, Rakan, and Miss Fortune; as well as redeemed Star Guardians Rakan and Xayah.

If card games are more your bag, you can expect your own unique version of the Star Guardian package. That means new cosmetic skins for champions linked with the Star Guardian event – with Star Guardian Kai’sa debuting as the game’s first legendary skin. This means it gets exclusive card art, new voice lines, and a special level-up animation. This, alongside some new Guardians, boards, emotes, and card backs means there’s plenty for players to grab if they vibe with the event.

In official PR material released alongside this content reveal, it seems that 20% of proceeds from the League of Legends Star Guardian event pass (up until August 15) will be donated to several nonprofit charities. Furthermore, from July 28 to August 29, 100% of proceeds from Star Guardian Taliyah and Star Guardian Taliyah bundles will be donated to the Riot Games Social Impact fund. This is explained on the Riot Games website as an internal budget that the company then invests in certain areas that need financial aid.

Are you planning on experiencing the Star Guardian event yourself? Let us know below! For more Riot Games related news, check out our articles on Riot Games starting to monitor voice communication in Valorant, as well as the most recent changes to Valorant, including a buff to Phoenix at long last.

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