PS Plus Premium Game Trials Expand With Rollerdrome Next Month

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Rollerdrome had been suspected to be part of August’s PS Plus Premium lineup, and that rumor has turned out to be somewhat accurate after developer Roll7 confirmed the game would be getting a PS Plus game trial when it launches. The game will also be released with a limited-time discount for PS Plus members before going up to its full price a little while later.

Rollerdrome gets a PS Plus Premium game trial

A PS Plus Premium game trial will become available on PS5 and PS4 for Rollerdrome when the game launches on August 16. While not the full game release players were hoping to be included with PS Plus Extra and Premium, it did prove the rumor about the dystopian shooter-skater hybrid game to be somewhat true. PlayStation Plus members will also be able to make use of a 33% launch discount that will see the game priced at $19.79 upon release. The game will increase in price to $29.99 at the end of the day on August 29. Rollerdrome will be a console launch exclusive on PS5 and PS4 until at least February 16, 2023, although it will also be released on Steam.

The game also got a brand new behind-the-scenes developer diary today, which shows “the thrill of fusing fluid movements and stylish tricking mechanics in a unique retro-futuristic universe while an all-new adrenaline-pumping soundtrack by musical artist Electric Dragon is pumping”. The video explains how the team also designed the levels to suit the need for constant movement during gameplay, as well as how to trigger the more spectacular Reflex time that puts everything into slow motion and increases damage.

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