Team AWAKENED OROCHI and Team Pass 2 expands The King of Fighters XV

Xbox One

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It’s been a big weekend for SNK Corporation and on the back of announcing that the Fatal Fury/Garou series is coming back with a new game, an additional drop of The King of Fighters XV DLC hits home, adding in team AWAKENED OROCHI and Team Pass 2. 

Expanding the roster of KOF XV from today is Team AWAKENED OROCHI, delivering a trio of new fighters to the ever expanding world. It’s this Team which includes Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie, and Orochi Chris, the triple threat which helped revive Orochi in KOF ’97. 

Team AWAKENED OROCHI will set you back £12.99 in cash terms, but are also available in the Team Pass 2 which has also arrived. That is double the price – kicking around at £24.99 – but will give you access to Team AWAKENED OROCHI plus Team 4 who will be arriving later in 2022. Team 4 is looking like being Team SAMURAI, consisting of HAOHMARU, NAKORURU, and DARLI DAGGER from SNK’s popular fighting game SAMURAI SHODOWN.

If you’re keen on The King of Fighters XV and need a boost to your roster, it’s probably the Team Pass 2 which we’d advise consideration of. 

You’ll want to keep playing into 2023 too as SNK favourites SHINGO YABUKI and KIM KAPHWAN have been announced as arriving in the next season of KOF XV DLC. In all, expect to be treated to no less than fifty-four characters once the 2023 drops of content arrive. 

To seal the deal and keep you playing longer, crossplay support is promised too. It’s on the way. 

You’ll find The King of Fighters XV present and correct on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. The base game is sitting on the Xbox Store for Xbox play. There’s other DLC available over the base game too – the likes of Team GAROU and Team SOUTH TOWN.

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