Rollerdrome Trophy List Will Take Skill, Practice, and Perhaps a Bit of Luck

PS4 & PS5

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The Rollerdrome PS5 and PS4 trophy list has gone live on the PlayStation Network and confirms the game will come with a Platinum trophy (unlike a certain free-to-play brawler royale that was released today). As can be expected from a Roll7 game, the list will take skill and practice to complete, and perhaps a little bit of luck too.

Rollerdrome PS5 and PS4 Trophy List


Rollerdrome has separate trophy lists for the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game, but they’re both identical. There are just 22 trophies in the Rollerdrome trophy list according to Exophase, including the coveted Platinum trophy. The trophies range from the basic rewards for finishing your first match or reaching certain points of the campaign, to the more complicated ones for performing a combo worth at least 3 million points or for finishing a match without taking damage. You can see the full Rollerdrome trophy list below:

Rollerdrome Platinum Trophy

  • I Am Kara Hassan – Obtain every other Trophy in the game

Rollerdrome Gold Trophies

  • Finalist – Reach the Final
  • Champion – Complete the main Campaign
  • Completionist – Complete 100% of the Challenges in the main Campaign
  • Welcome to Rollerdrome – Finish a Match in the Out For Blood Campaign
  • All in a Day’s Work – Finish every Match in the Out For Blood Campaign
  • Glutton for Punishment – Complete 100% of the Challenges in the Out For Blood Campaign
  • Never Outgunned – Beat the Spider Tank Mk. I without taking any damage

Rollerdrome Silver Trophies

  • Quarter Finalist – Reach the Quarters
  • Semi Finalist – Reach the Semis
  • Half Way – Complete 50% of the Challenges in the main Campaign
  • Killstreak – Finish a Match in a single Combo
  • One for the Record Books – Perform a single Combo worth more than 3,000,000
  • Ready for Anything – Complete every Tutorial exercise
  • Every Trick in the Book – Perform every Grab Trick in a single Match
  • Strike a Pose – Perform every Grind in a single Match

Rollerdrome Bronze Trophies

  • Warming Up – Play through and finish the Entry Tests
  • Debut – Finish your first Match
  • Untouchable – Finish a Match without taking any damage
  • Two Birds – Eliminate 2 House Players with a single Z-11 shot
  • Three’s a Crowd – Eliminate 3 House Players with a single Grenade
  • Slugger – Finish a level using only Slug Shots

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