Random: Ever Wanted To Know What It’s Like To Peel A Pokémon And Eat It?


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Peeled Chikorita
Image: Brainqueen

We’ve all dreamed of eating Pokémon, despite our best judgment. Sure, they’re our companions, our pets, our ticket to the Pokémon League, and more… but some of them also look tasty. Would a Miltank burger be any good? Is a Squirtle soup unethical? And which of the many fish Pokémon would taste best?

We’ll never be able to answer those questions, mostly because Pokémon aren’t real, but animator Brainqueen has created some detailed imaginings of chefs preparing Pokémon to eat. Peeled Chikorita, anyone?

Now tell us in the comments: How would you prepare your favourite Pokémon? Charizard steak with a Cherrim jus? Nanab Split with Vanillite on top? Get creative!

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