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The day has finally come and you can now download and play Splatoon 3 (review) which invites players to the Splatlands, where adrenaline-fueled competition, fresh fashion, over-the-top weapons and splashes of colourful ink are part of everyday life for Inklings and Octolings.

Splatoon 3 comes with three main modes: Turf War, the iconic four-on-four team battle to ink the most ground; Salmon Run, a co-op mode in which a team of four fends off waves of dangerous Salmonid bosses together to collect Golden Eggs; and the fresh single-player Story Mode, featuring the “Return of the Mammalians” campaign, which puts players in the shoes of Agent 3 in their fight against the evil Octarians. Additionally, regular multiplayer events called Splatfests make their return to the series.

Splatoon 3 is a new sequel for both fresh and long-time players, and introduces new features to the series, while familiar modes have been reinvented in distinct ways:

  • Ink your way to victory: Players can use their weapons to splash ink all over the place. Coating opponents takes them out (temporarily) and when changing into Swim Form, it’s possible to dive into their team’s ink colour and zoom around the stage. This slick move can take players up walls, through fences and will refill their ink tank. Plus, the newly added Squid Roll and Squid Surge moves will help with traversing the stage.
  • A colourful arsenal: All weapon types from previous games are back, along with some new ones. Players can flatten the competition with rollers, ink up close with the new Splatana weapon type, stay hydrated with the new Tacticooler or turn the tide with an array of special abilities. 
  • Playing with friends: Any mode accessible in the game’s lobby, except for Anarchy Battle (Series), can be played with friends. It’s possible to continue playing in a set group after a match ends – a first in the series. Players can also use local communication to play with nearby folks in different modes at the Shoal.
  • Turf War Battles: This online multiplayer mode pits two teams against each other in a three-minute battle to cover the most ground with their ink. All-new stages like Eeltail Alley, Scorch Gorge, Mincemeat Metalworks and Undertow Spillway join several returning stages such as Museum d’Alfonsino, Hammerhead Bridge and Mahi-Mahi Resort at launch. In total, 12 stages await players on 9th September – with more to come in free post-launch updates. 
  • Splatfest events: In these regular online multiplayer events, players vote for one of three teams and then gain clout for their chosen Splatfest team in 4-v-4 Turf War battles. A new spin on these events is the colourful and chaotic Tricolor Turf War – a mode where three teams compete at the same time and the first-place team must defend themselves in a unique 4-v-2-v-2 battle.
  • Anarchy Battles: This mode will put anyone’s skill to the test. Players engage in battles across four rotating modes to climb the ranks in objective-based matches. Anarchy Battle (Series) is for players who want to take on a challenge solo. Alternatively, joining Anarchy Battle (Open) is the way to go when teaming up with friends.
  • Salmon Run: In this frantic four-player co-op team mode, players fend off waves of dangerous Salmonid bosses. This mode is now available to play at any time. 
  • Return of the Mammalians: In the new single-player Story Mode campaign, solo squids play as Agent 3 in a hairy fight against unruly Octarians to discover the secrets of Alterna and the Fuzzy Ooze. Playing this mode will also serve as an ideal training ground for the challenges of multiplayer matches.
  • Customisation options: Splatoon 3 features new and expanded customisation options and gear, available in the shops of Splatsville. The latest outfits, victory poses, personal locker decorations and more can also be found in the seasonal catalog. The Season 1 catalog is available from launch and each season lasts three months. Additional free updates and large-scale paid DLC are also planned for the future.

Source: Nintendo UK

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