Amazing Chicken Adventures brings egg-rolling and funny headpieces to Xbox

Xbox One

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amazing chicken adventures

Titles made by just one person, which manage a successful PC release and get put onto consoles, simply must be applauded. So put your hands together for Piotr Rochala, a Polish indie developer who has put together Amazing Chicken Adventures. 

Following a 2021 release onto Steam, today marks the date Amazing Chicken Adventures hits the Xbox market.

The premise? You must save all your eggs from smashing to pieces, and understandably gravity makes this challenge a real tricky one. As such, across grassy locales, treacherous icy domains, and in harsh sand-dune covered deserts must you navigate your voxel chicken across a multitude of levels. The aim is to roll each egg into an end goal, making use of various tools to do rid of obstacles, and to ultimately prevent the egg from falling too far and splattering your potential offspring all over the ground.

Things will get very tense from time to time, especially when you find yourself rolling an egg across a narrow beam situated across a canyon. Helpfully, your time spent with Amazing Chicken Adventures will be accompanied by some beautiful classical music from the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. What’s more, your chicken can come equipped with some delightfully funny hats, helping to soften the blow when you, well, can’t soften the blow for those eggs!

A more complete list of features includes:

  • Quirky-loot – From silly hats to mighty weapons, discover treasures and sustainable, battery-powered chicken-tech.
  • Egg-rolling adventures – Explore the whimsical world, unlock new adventures, and don’t forget to put all of your eggs into one basket.
  • Unique art style – Inspired by Eastern European folklore and a dream to explore the entire world, I spent hours polishing the pixels!
  • Classical music – Featuring Public Domain recordings of European Classical music. Get frustrated by the falling eggs and then relax to music of Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and more.
  • 2-player couch co-op – Because every hero needs a side-quack.

And it’s that addition of couch co-op that can really see Amazing Chicken Adventures becoming that ‘one more go’ title that is the go-to when mates are around yours. It neatly fits into the vein of addictive co-op titles such as PHOGS!, for example. So, if you fancy picking up a copy on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, the Xbox Store has you sorted to the tune of £20.49. Alternatively, the game is available on PC.

Game Description:

Start an adventure where gravity is your worst enemy & save the world one egg at a time! Featuring classical music, broken eggs, chicken-inappropriate tools, and mandatory funny hats.

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