It’s not Pong, it’s Paddles!

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Paddles Xbox

Pong is one of the most iconic videogames of all-time, not to mention one of the oldest. It is a formula that has endeared for 50 years. There have been imitators and renegades to try and change the gameplay over time, and we have another one here today. Out now on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch is Paddles.

The basic premise of Pong is here in Paddles, but things have been changed quite a bit. Firstly, two extra players are included; many of the arenas are designed for four-player local multiplayer. That brings its own unique blend of mayhem as with more players there are more balls to worry about.

And then we get onto the arenas themselves, that are as wacky as you would imagine. Combine this with different powered balls that range from fire balls to floaty, ghostly balls and you have a right handful.

Paddles boasts 24 unique levels for up to four players. These range from smaller and more fast-paced levels to larger and more open arenas. Each one is unique as you battle against friends and family for the cup and bragging rights.

Paddles also promises some free DLC coming soon that will include more levels, balls, refined difficulty customisation, custom cups and more. Think of this as an investment then!

On the Xbox Store now, Paddles will cost you £4.19. Could this be your next games night inclusion? Our review will have all the answers coming very soon. For now, hit us up in the comments below if you have ever played a Pong game before.

Game description

Dash, deflect, and survive in Paddles! LOCAL MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM Compete against friends or robots in local 4-player party chaos! Defend yourself against magical balls in hectic levels to win the prized cup crown. SIMPLE CONTROLS Simple yet difficult to master, Paddles is perfect as a pick up and go party game to play with your friends anytime, anywhere! MAGICAL BALLS From speedy fiery balls to ghostly orbs, there’s always another challenge to master. Different levels and magical balls fuse together for a unique experience every time you play. PARTY MODE – 24 UNIQUE LEVELS From small fast-paced levels to giant hectic ones, there are many ways to play! Every level bounces differently with tricky moving obstacles, weird physics, and colorful wacky designs across 24 unique levels. VERSUS MODE Play head to head in the 2-player Versus Mode! Competitive and mechanically focused, Versus Mode is built to hone your skills and challenge your friends to one-on-one battles. FREE DLC COMING SOON! In both Party and Versus Modes, expect many more levels, more magical balls, refined difficulty customization, custom cups and more coming soon FOR FREE!

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