MultiVersus’ next fighter is unveiled today, and it sounds like it’s Rick


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There’s a new fighter announcement incoming from Warner Bros. licensed brawler MultiVersus today, with three already revealed characters yet to release in season one. My money’s on Rick And Morty’s Rick Sanchez, but Stripe from Gremlins and the DC Universe’s Black Adam are still set to arrive too. You’ll have to wait until 6pm BST/7pm CEST/10am PST to find out who the next fighter is, according to a tweet from the MultiVersus team.

Listen to some of the RPS Treehouse talk about who their favourite MultiVersus fighters are.

Rick, Stripe, and Black Adam are all due to turn up at some point during MultiVersus season one, which ends on November 15th. Game director Tony Huynh tweeted yesterday that “Rick is cool”, so I’m anticipating we’ll get to see more of the weird scientist pretty soon. The competitive MultiVersus account also tweeted this week that “the smartest man in the universe is coming very soon”. Nonetheless, it could still be Stripe or Black Adam, or even a totally out of the blue fighter who’s not been revealed at all yet.

If Rick does arrive in MultiVersus soon then he’ll join his grandson Morty, who rocked up in the brawler back in August. Both Rick and Morty were originally announced for the game in July. Stripe and Black Adam were revealed in August after players spotted them appearing on adverts for the game on console dashboards. The Black Adam movie starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson lands in cinemas on October 31st, so it’s likely that the character will show up in MultiVersus sometime around then too.

We named MultiVersus among our picks for the best multiplayer games on PC this year, and Ed thought the roster was thoughtfully designed when he dived into the open beta. “Each fits – sometimes loosely – into an archetype, like Taz who’s a bruiser, or Wonder Woman who’s a tank, or Lebron who’s in the “experimental” camp,” he said. “Arya Stark is an assassin, which means she’s lightning fast and tricksy, able to backstab enemies for extra damage and dash to knives she’s embedded in opponents. Yet she’s hampered by squishiness.”

MultiVersus is free to play on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It’s also on the many PlayStations and Xboxes. Keep an eye on Ollie’s tier list of the best MultiVersus characters for 1v1 and 2v2 matches for regular updates.

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