New version of E3 kicks off 13th June, 2023


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We all thought that E3 was pretty much defunct due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in streaming with software and hardware companies doing their own presentations online. However, Reedpop which hosts events, partners with gaming websites and video channels, has teamed up with the Entertainment Software Association to revitalise it. E3 2023 will kicks off in Los Angeles on 13th June, 2023, though it is not clear at this point whether the big three will be attending or simply doing their own things, but it is still a way off. Games Beat is reporting that 13th -15th June, 2023 will be Business Days, reserved for industry personnel, and 15th-16th will be Gamer Days, when anyone can attend. The Entertainment Software Association says that it would like to “support and uplift” partnered digital events and showcases. We will have to wait and see whether E3 2023 takes off.

 “E3 is one of the global gaming industry’s few opportunities to come together, unite as one loud voice, and show the world what it is creating. Our vision is to reunite the industry by re-establishing the traditional E3 week, bring back that spark, and restore E3’s role as a truly magical global showcase event for game creators and consumers.”

Kyle Marsden-Kish, ReedPop’s VP of gaming


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