Sony ‘Prized’ IP to Get Cross-Platform AAA Live-Service Game

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Earlier this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan revealed they planned to have 12 live-service games based on PlayStation IPs by the end of fiscal year 2025. One of those is seemingly in development at Jetpack Interactive, previously a support studio who ported God of War to PC in January. According to job listings on the Jetpack Interactive website, the game will be a cross-platform AAA live-service title based on a “prized” Sony IP.

What we know about Jetpack Interactive’s new live-service game

Jetpack Interactive is currently recruiting for developers to join their team as they work directly with Sony to develop one of its flagship IPs within its much anticipated live services games portfolio”, according to a studio description on the application form for several positions within the studio. There are no more details on this “prized IP” from Sony and while some of the listings for open positions on the Jetpack Interactive website give a few more details away, they don’t really narrow things down. The game will feature real-time gameplay as well as “core player systems including things like abilities, movement, and weapons”. Those details could be used to describe a lot of Sony IPs.

The team will be small and collaboration-oriented with an indie-style work approach yet they are striving to create a AAA game in Unreal Engine. Sony will be publishing the game although there is a surprising detail amongst the job listings. Several of them mention that people joining the team will need to be “understanding of the challenges associated with cross-platform development”. Mentions of PC and Xbox were rife alongside the obvious PlayStation references, so there’s every chance the game will not be console exclusive and may launch on PC on day one.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Jetpack Interactive is working on, although it seems like the project is in its really early days and we might not see it for quite some time.

In other news, PS5’s cloud competitor Google Stadia is closing down early next year. Elsewhere, apparently Saudi Arabia is spending $13 billion on acquiring a leading game publisher.

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