Crystal Dynamics surveying players asking about the future of Legacy of Kain


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The Embracer Group and Crystal Dynamics have started to survey players to find out more about their interest in the acclaimed Legacy of Kain series. While nothing has been confirmed regarding a new entry it seems a dead cert that the classic franchise will be revived now that The Embrace Group holds the key to the series after buying up the western Square Enix studios. The questions in the survey revolve around the following examples, What do you like about the series? What do you like about vampire games in general? If you would prefer a reboot of the series or remakes and sequels to the original games? Personally if I was was a betting man, I suspect that they would do an HD remaster collection of the series first and then get to grips with a new game. As usual we shall have to wait and see what the Embracer Group and Crystal Dynamics have in store for players.


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