Horizon Forbidden West DLC May Add New Tribes

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The rumored Horizon Forbidden West DLC, which seems to have been outed by Sylens actor Lance Reddick following a previous hint, is all but confirmed if a new Guerrilla Games job advertisement is anything to go by. That Horizon Forbidden West is possibly getting DLC/expansion was practically a given but both Sony and Guerrilla have been pretty tight-lipped, offering no hints about what’s to come. However, said job description suggests that Aloy might be exploring new areas and visiting new tribes.

What we know about the rumored Horizon Forbidden West DLC

“Guerrilla’s Character Art team is a multifaceted group of artists with a single focus: bringing the diverse tribes of Horizon’s worlds to life,” reads a job description for Senior Character Artist, as spotted by Tech4Gamers (thanks, ResetEra). Horizon Forbidden West currently features five tribes.

Do note that there is a Horizon VR game in the works, so it’s possible that this role isn’t limited to Horizon Forbidden West. But with Lance Reddick apparently “hard at work in a session” specifically for Horizon Forbidden West, it’s reasonable to assume that a DLC is in the works alongside Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

As usual, we’ll update our readers when we have more information.

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