Geoff Keighley says The Game Awards 2022 has 50 plus games involved


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The Game Awards organiser Geoff Keighley has chatted with Video Games FN about this year’s awards ceremony where he said they have over 50 games involved. The news came about as Geoff was asked about his thoughts on games being leaked by insiders before the trailers make their debut at the show. He conceded that it is very difficult to control leaks and said that when you have so many games to show, it is only reasonable to think that some will be uncovered. However he said that they have been lucky in past years and he hopes that they can keep plenty of genuine surprises for fans. The Game Awards 2022 will be broadcast live on Thursday, 8th December.

“It’s always tough because when you have 50-plus games involved in some way, something’s gonna get out,” Keighley says. “But yeah, [we have a] pretty good history, knock on wood, with the show and we usually keep some surprises.

“I was talking to one company, and they’re like, ‘Hey, we announced our game at The Game Awards, we have a spreadsheet of 143 things that we have to do immediately after.’ You know, updating the website and the social posts and things like that. So it’s just a lot of stuff that has to be coordinated. We’re hopeful we’ll get to surprise people.”


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