GTA 6 Release Is Taking Time Because Take-Two Prefers Delays Over Flops

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Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick has hinted that GTA 6 release date news and reveal are taking time because the company prefers delays over flops. In a recent earnings call, an investor raised the issue of a lack of major releases in recent years (beyond Take-Two’s sports franchises), in response to which Zelnick assuaged concerns by saying that Take-Two’s development studios aren’t facing any productivity issues but have experienced some unforeseen delays.

GTA 6 release date not impacted by recent Rockstar Games hack

Zelnick didn’t divulge any details about the aforementioned delays but has previously said that the recent Rockstar Games hack did not impact GTA 6‘s development. “We definitely have very high quality expectations,” Zelnick told investors (via SeekingAlpha). “This company is a hit factory – we haven’t had a disappointing release in as long as I can remember. I’d much rather have the situation we’re in, which is we’ve had some delays and we have had to revise down guidance – I’ll choose that any day over taking some flops.”

Reports suggest that GTA 6 is still a good number of years away from release. GTA 5 originally released nine years ago and has since been ported over to the PS4 and the PS5.

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