Yum Yum Cookstar has tasty looking food and a killer soundtrack

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Yum Yum Cookstar Xbox

Well, I’m prepared to hold my hands up here and say looks can be deceiving. Here I thought we had a simple Cooking Mama rip-off, until I read what was actually included. Find out today what surprising elements are in Yum Yum Cookstar, out now on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC.

Firstly though, the game. Yum Yum Cookstar has you competition in a cooking contest trying to ignite Chef Yum Yum’s tastebuds. They and three other judges will rate over 70 of your dishes including unicorn smoothies, sushi burritos and rainbow waffles. And unlike Overcooked, you can’t blame your cooking disasters on others. Any mistakes are yours and yours alone.

These judges though just happen to be written by writers for the National Lampoon film series. If you found yourself chuckling away to their comments, now you know why.

Not only that, but have you been bopping along whilst frying, chopping and decorating? Well, that could be because the soundtrack has been composed by none other than Nile Rodgers! No longer a Cooking Mama rip-off, am I right?

Alongside the culinary competition, Yum Yum Cookstar also feature four difficulty modes, unlockable appliances and customisations, a daily challenge and more.

Yum Yum Cookstar is on the Xbox Store now priced at £34.99. Our review is coming soon, once we’ve washed all the dishes. Let us know if you will be grabbing this new music from Nile Rodgers. I mean, exciting new cooking videogame.

Game description

Get ready for a brand new cooking experience with Yum Yum Cookstar. Stir, fry, chop and bake your way through over 70 recipes in an energetic new cooking competition hosted by Chef Yum Yum. A culinary artist as well as a fan of unicorn food, Chef Yum Yum introduces creative dishes with vegetarian variants including Rainbow Waffels, Unicorn Smoothies, Sushi Burritos and French Toast Layer Cake. Three fully voiced judges with distinct personalities rate your cooking with comedic lines written by National Lampoon writers. Take on oodles of game modes in four difficulty levels, a Daily Challenge and judge-curated Invitational Tournaments with the possibility to unlock numerous kitchen and appliance customizations. Get cooking to an exciting soundtrack by award winning composer Nile Rogers.

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