PS Plus Black Friday Discount Allows Stacking and Upgrading With $100 Cap

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Players have confirmed that the PS Plus Black Friday discount allows stacking a lower tier membership and then upgrading to a higher tier with a $100 cap, thus saving more money than you would if simply upgrading to a higher tier with a 25 percent discount applied. This, of course, is only of benefit to those who are planning to stack years upon years of membership.

How the PS Plus Black Friday discount stacking and upgrading works

As explained by Reddit user HitDaKlown, whose current PS Plus Essential membership lasts until 2024, they stacked up their PS Plus Essential membership for an additional six years from 2024 to 2030 by utilizing the 25 percent discount on offer. They then upgraded their Essential membership to Extra at a flat fee of $100 (the current upgrade cap), thus saving over $250 in total. Doing so is neither against Sony’s terms of service nor is it dodging the system. It’s a perfectly legitimate way to save money so have at it!

As we reported yesterday, those stepping down from a higher tier to a lower tier are unfortunately locked out of the PS Plus discount. If you’re dissatisfied with your Premium/Deluxe subscription then it’s probably best to wait until your membership expires before opting for a lower tier.

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