The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Review


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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on PC. Also available on PlayStation and Xbox.

“The Devil in Me’s twisted murder castle setting provides the literal foundations for what could have been an exciting horror adventure, but pacing problems and an insipid group of potential victims makes for a slaycation that’s low in stakes and lacking in any substantial thrills or hand-wringing decisions to make. Efforts to bring gameplay variety to each playable character haven’t really shaken things up to any notable degree, and the quicktime event-based survival sequences adhere to a stress-inducing formula that’s starting to feel a bit too familiar. Ominous animatronics and a hulking aggressor mean the concluding chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology is still capable of inducing the occasional jump scare, but for the most part The Devil in Me’s tour through a maniac’s mansion is disappointingly lacking in any real menace or surprise.”

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