Redeeming PS Plus Extra/Premium Games May Override PS Plus Essential Games Licenses

PS4 & PS5

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If you’re finding your PS Plus games locked despite redeeming them prior to the service’s revamp, then this might be why: your PS Plus Extra or Premium subscription overrode the game’s Essential license. The issue seems to be occurring for those who claimed a game via the basic PS Plus monthly games lineup (now called Essential) in the past, and somehow redeemed a version of the game via their new PS Plus Extra/Premium subscription.

Is there a fix for locked PS Plus games?

The aforementioned issue was highlighted on Reddit after Greedfall left the PS Plus Extra/Premium catalog. Players who previously redeemed the game via PS Plus December 2020 lineup and ended up redeeming it again via PS Plus Extra unknowingly had their original license replaced. Since PS Plus Extra and Premium games aren’t yours to keep forever, once they leave the service, your access is revoked. Hence, these players are now locked out of Greedfall despite having originally redeemed it in 2020 and being eligible for continued access with an active subscription.

This issue isn’t limited to Greedfall and isn’t anything new. PS Now players often experienced similar issues and, unfortunately, there’s no official fix. You can try your luck with PlayStation Support if you have proof that you previously redeemed a game via the old monthly lineup system, but it’s all at the discretion of a chat agent, apparently. Redditor Watchmann1204 tried their luck after losing access to Greedfall, but a PS Support agent struck their request down.

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