DualSense Edge Battery Life is ‘Moderately Shorter’ Than Original PS5 Controller

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Sony has just provided a deeper look at the DualSense Edge pro controller that will be coming to PS5 fairly soon, but the one thing they neglected to mention was that the controller will have a “moderately shorter” battery life compared to the original DualSense controller. For those already complaining about the length of battery on the DualSense, this isn’t encouraging news.

How long is the DualSense Edge controller battery life?

Sony hasn’t given a figure for how long the battery life will be for the DualSense Edge but told The Verge it will be “moderately shorter” than the DualSense. The battery life of the original DualSense controller is around 12-15 hours depending on whether features like haptic feedback and the speaker are being used.

Sony’s full statement explained the reason for the shorter battery life is that the Edge has “many more features” within that will help to drain the battery life. The company has tried to “strike a good balance between wireless operating time and delivering robust, high-performance features” but will be providing a longer USB braided cable for a wired connection to the PS5 console if players need to preserve battery life.

If you’re not put off by this, today’s deeper look went into the controller’s design process and hardware aspects ready for its release on January 26, 2023.

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